5th Gulf Federation

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Under The Patronage of
H.H. Sheikha Jawaher Bint Mohammed Al Qassimi

Friends of Cancer Patients will play the host for the 5th Gulf
Federation for Cancer Control Conference in Sharjah, 5th to 7th
May 2011, with the main theme being "Colorectal Cancer -
Diagnostics, Treatment and Control."



Sharjah, meaning ‘rising sun’ dates back more than 5,000 years and appears as early as the 2nd century AD in a map drawn by the Greek geographer Ptolemy, which indicates the settlement of Sarcoa, where Sharjah can now be found. In 1490 AD, Sharjah was mentioned in records written by the famous Arab navigator, Ahmad Ibn Majid, as he navigated the Gulf’s waters.

The first evidence of human life in thewas discovered on Jebel Fayah in Sharjah Emirate and dates back to around 85,000 BC.

About 7,000 years ago the milder climate and increased rainfall transformed the barren desert into fertile plains on which the nomadic fishing, hunting and herding communities thrived.has kept the spirit of its history alive by incorporating tradition into every aspect of contemporary development. The result is a vibrant, modern Emirate that simultaneously looks forward to a bright future as it looks back respectfully to its history.

Since the discovery of oil in 1972, Sharjah has developed from small palm-frond houses hugging the creeks, to a contemporary city that extends all the way to the UAE’s east coast. Present day Sharjah is built on foundations rich in history and Islamic traditions: Arabian heritage is still recognized with pride and ancient customs are still practiced in everyday life.




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