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Under The Patronage of
H.H. Sheikha Jawaher Bint Mohammed Al Qassimi

Friends of Cancer Patients will play the host for the 5th Gulf
Federation for Cancer Control Conference in Sharjah, 5th to 7th
May 2011, with the main theme being "Colorectal Cancer -
Diagnostics, Treatment and Control."

Places To Go


With several attractive spots, such as museums, traditional souqs, modern shopping malls, luxurious hotels and family entertainment facilities, Sharjah has a lot to offer. A trip to Sharjah will certainly become an unforgettable experience.

Al Qasba

This is a major cultural hub and leisure destination providing all kinds of recreation and entertainment attractions for adults and children, retail outlets, cafés and restaurants, as well as exhibiting local and international art during the winter season.
It also features a 1,500 square meter exhibition space to showcase local and international cultural and educational institutions and associations, plus its own hall hosting art films and international performances. It includes Al Qasba Theatre, which hosts music concerts and different performances, in addition to diversified events and activities organized by cultural and educational establishments throughout the year.

Arabian Wildlife Centre

Located about 26 kms from the city centre, next to Sharjah International Airport. The centre was opened in September 1999. It has over 100 species kept in a safe, spacious and natural surroundings. Watch the diversity of the fauna found
in the peninsula and the species that are becoming extinct. This attracts many tourists who can easily visit the centre on the way to or back from the airport.


The city of Sharjah has a beautiful coastline and a diverse style of public and controlled beaches. Enjoy various activities such as swimming in crystal clear water or have fun building sand castles. There is a dress restriction that applies strictly
to the Sharjah beaches. Some of the beaches from Sharjah city are Al Khan Lagoon, Al Khan Beach, Corniche Beach, Hamriyah Lagoon and Khorfakkan.

Eye of the Emirates

The Eye of the Emirates is among the most prominent and outstanding features of Al Qasba. The Eye of the Emirates observatory wheel stands 60-metres high with 42 fully air-conditioned gondolas offering stunning panoramic views
of Sharjah and Dubai.

Formula 1 Powerboat races

The authorities of the city have been organizing the Formula 1 Powerboat races since the year 2000. It attracts lots
of tourists from all around the world as Sharjah has proved itself as a pioneer in hosting international events.

Residential and public parks

The city has over 21 parks that cover a total area of about 411,000 square meters. Plenty of open green fields can be found easily in the city. These green areas offer plenty of activities and are well equipped with recreational facilities.
Activities include; football, basketball, walking and jogging etc. The city also offers some special locations for ladies
and families.


The ever-shifting sands found inland from all the major coastal settlements create an endless variety of landscapes, colours and vegetation. The beautiful desert of Sharjah attracts visitors, who are impressed by the vastness and charm of the desert and there is nothing compared to making a trip to the desert to watch the sunset.

Sharjah Corniche

The Sharjah Corniche stretches from Al Buheirah Corniche to Ajman Beach, passing by the fish market. It is a destination
for walkers covering a considerable distance and following the creek and then the coast.




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